We just love all things that are Megaways™ related, so it made perfect sense for us to speak to those that provide these slots, and get the lowdown from the experts who share our passion of these exhilarating games. We reached out to Storm Games who hold the Megaways™ license to find out what the unique Megaways™ engine means to them.


We'd like to thank Sabrina Anthi Howells who is the Operations Director at Storm Games for taking the time out of her day to answer our questions. 

Hi Sabrina It's great to meet you, could you tell us about your current role at Storm Games and how long you have been with the company?

I joined Storm in April 2019, walking into an industry I knew little about, but I was excited to get to know. What excited me about joining Storm was the positive atmosphere and positive outlook everyone had within the business. This was a company that was growing, in both iGaming and retail markets that Storm operate in, and I was delighted to be joining such a fast-growing company.

My role was initially to introduce more process into the company. I was challenged to bring more structure into the business that is inevitably required as any company grows. Storm is such an exciting and happy place to work.

I now run the business on a day to day basis along side Richard Sheldon, CEO, and in addition, I manage the new business opportunities, negotiate/generate new business whilst maintaining current business, Sales and Marketing within the company . I can honestly say that the Storm Team are a pleasure to work with, I truly feel like I’m firmly part of the team.

Q. Would you be able to give us a brief background on Storm Games from how you started up until the present day?

A. The company was started by Richard Sheldon, our CEO, ten years ago this year. We originally entered the UK gaming market as an all-digital provider of gaming machines to Pubs and Clubs. Around three years ago, we struck a deal with Core Gaming to move our successful retail content into the online space. This relationship saw us release six games onto the skyvegas platform and laterally, British Columbia Lottery. In that period, we had some great success with our gaming content producing some of the best performing content in the market at that time. Finally, in December 2018, we decided to make the move into iGaming ourselves and built our own game engines. Our first fully in-house game, Magic Merlin Megaways™ was launched in July 2019 to critical acclaim, loved by players and reviewers alike.

Q. You’ve just started your journey releasing Megaways™ Slots into the market, did you always plan to obtain the license? Or was it decided after seeing the success that other providers were having with the gaming engine? 

A. We’ve always been advocates of IP in gaming. We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands in gaming for many years. We Loved the mechanic that Megaways™ offered and knew we could take it and use some of our existing brands to make really feature rich and compelling content. And we were right!

Q. What has the feedback been like so far on the Megaways™ titles that you have released?

A. We are overwhelmed with the feedback we have received from our Megaways™ games to date – although not at all surprised. The level of design, attention to fine detail, imagination combined with our maths model for Megaways™ is extraordinary. We believe we have the best team in the industry that is a creative combination of years of UK gaming experience with some fresh and exciting ideas from the younger members of the team.

Q. What does the team at Storm Games believe makes a top Megaways™ Slot when it comes to grabbing the attention of players?

A. Theme, Maths, Attention to Details, Production Value, and some little twists on proven game mechanics.

Q. We love to see new features added to Megaways™ titles and the random high voltage bonus on Monsters of Rock Megaways™ really caught our eye. Do you have any future plans for adding more unique features to upcoming releases to make your slots stand out from the crowd?

A. Yes, most definitely. We have only just started on the Megaways™ journey, I think we have, relatively speaking, played it safe with mechanic to date. We have some really exciting new games in the pipeline that really expand on what we’ve done to date and add all sorts of new features to the games. I am really excited for what 2020 holds for us as a company.

Q. To finish off have you got anything you can let us know about future Megaways™ releases?

A. Well, we’ve got Captain Cashfall, one of our first games, due to be released early 2020. This will have several new, never before seen, elements to it as a Megaways Game. We’ve also got two other Megaways game in production as I write, but I’m afraid these will have to stay under wraps until London’s ICE exhibition in February next year!


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