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Following the release of DJ Fox, we spoke to Craig Turner, Senior Game Producer at Push Gaming, about the title's innovative gameplay, the numerous betting options available within the slot and the provider’s broader plans for 2024.

Craig Turner Push GamingCraig Turner

DJ Fox is your latest release. Can you tell us more about this title?

With DJ Fox, we wanted to build from the Push-Up mechanic that made Generous Jack so popular earlier in the year. This led to us developing a way to expand the number of rows available on the gameboard of DJ Fox, which is triggered whenever a VIP symbol is landed. This transforms the gameboard initially from a 1x3 reel game up to a maximum of 5x3 reel slot, providing more space to land wins and increasing the player's excitement and win potential. Each VIP symbol also grants a respin on the now expanded game board, adding even more thrills.

How players gain these wins has also received some Push Gaming innovation. Instead of players landing symbols across paylines to unlock a win amount, we have created a “win what you see” feature. In it, discs will land on the gameboard with a number attached, and players will win whatever number they cumulatively create, divided by 10. For example, landing three discs with the numbers 7, 2 and 0 displayed will award the players a 72x win! These wins are amplified by the addition of a disc with 00 attached, which can dramatically increase players' wins.

Push Gaming's DJ Fox slotPush Gaming's DJ Fox slot

There are also multipliers available in DJ Fox. How do we unlock these?

VIP symbols not only aid players in opening up more of the gameboard, but they can also go on to award multipliers. Each of these symbols landed will increase the player’s position on an incrementally increasing ladder, with at least three VIP symbols needed to award a minimum 2x multiplier that will be added to any awards gained thus far. Landing additional VIP icons will see players continue to climb the prize ladder up to the maximum of 20x, which will significantly increase any wins gained throughout play.  

There are a variety of betting options and different gameplay choices within DJ Fox, which will allow players to personalise the gameplay experience. Can you tell us more about these?

We want to empower players to enjoy the title in their own unique way. Therefore, we have allowed them to unlock as many reels as they want from the very first spin. This will impact the cost of each spin but can unveil the entire gameboard, which would alternatively require multiple VIP symbols to unlock. This presents players with risk and reward choices to engage with, and we expect an element of strategy to develop on the back of it, with players having the ability to increase and decrease the number of active rows every spin.

Push Gaming's DJ Fox slotPush Gaming's DJ Fox slot

With DJ Fox being your final release of 2023, what else do players have to look forward to in 2024?

We are starting the year with a bang, releasing a host of new hits, upgraded sequels and building on growing franchises and fan favourite features. At the start of January, we will launch Retro Sweets, the sequel to last year's multi-award-winning title Retro Tapes, which will be closely followed by two new games, Hearts Highway, a Valentine-inspired release and Big Bite.

Players will also get their hands on the much-anticipated sequel Wild Swarm 2 at the end of February before we release two other new titles, Shamrock Saints and Samurai’s Katana! Our upcoming roadmap is packed full of new hits that we are excited to share, so whilst you enjoy the fun on the dancefloor with DJ Fox, we will be putting the finishing touches to these upcoming releases.

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