Heartstopper™ is a unique base game token collecting system that has been created through the innovation of leading slot provider Big Time Gaming. This new and exciting feature enables players to trigger an enhanced version of the bonus round through collecting tokens that are awarded when players hit a feature tease, but fail to trigger the bonus.  

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the future of heartstopper™ slots 

We get the feeling that Heartstopper™ Slots are going to be something that we see a lot of in future Big Time Gaming releases, and if history tells us anything then we can perhaps expect to see rival slot providers either add something similar to their games like we saw when BTG introduced the Feature Drop™, or they may even choose to purchase the license for Heartstopper™ as we witnessed with the Megaways™ pay mechanic. Whichever scenario takes place, it is only going to be a win win situation for us players.