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age verification for free play slots from the uk

Players from the UK will have to age verify before playing a free play slot

If you're visiting our site from the United Kingdom, then you might be wondering why we are first asking you to verify your age before accessing any of our free play content. This is due to a change made by the UK Gambling Commission to the Licensing Conditions and Codes of Practice, or LCCP for short.

These changes were made back in 2017, and the UKGC have now made it compulsory that any online casino or website that offers free to play games, must first verify the age of a user before they are able to play any slots or games on the site. This was a measure that was welcomed by ourselves as we are fully committed to ensuring that those under the age of 18 are not exposed to gambling content.

So whilst in this modern day and age we are all used to performing checks when using the internet, we understand that you'll have some questions or maybe some concerns about what this may entail when visiting DemoSlot. Our primary concern is your safety when using this website, so we've addressed the following questions below which we believe will quash any apprehensions that you may have about completing an age check through our site.

What do I need to do to be able to access and play the slots?

Upon clicking on the play now button on a slot, a screen will load up where we'll require you to perform a simple and free age check through an independent age verification service provider. This takes a matter of seconds and once you're verified you can play as many games as you want on our website, and as often as you wish.

What is the name of the service provider that you use for your checks, and are they reputable?

We are partnered with who are a leading provider of these specialist services. They themselves have been fully audited and are registered with who ensure that products and services online within the UK are safe.

Do either DemoSlot or agechecked store my personal information?

The information that you provide to agechecked will never be stored by either themselves, or us here at DemoSlot. 

What methods are available for me to use to verify my age?

There are 4 possible methods that you can use to verify your age on the agechecked platform. These are Electoral Roll, Mobile Phone, Credit Card, and Driving License.  

Do I have to verify my age for every game I play?

Upon your verification being completed, you'll be given a username and a password. As with any other passwords on your devices, you can choose for it to be saved and remembered so that you don't have to make a note of it. The next time that you log into our site and go to play a slot, you will log in with your credentials and be free to play as many games as you like.

Are there any benefits for me when using agechecked?

Due to more regulations being imposed around buying products online, you'll often find that you'e asked to verify your age for a number of things now when making a purchase. Many of these merchants use agechecked for their verification solutions, so once you're fully verified, you can just use that same log in anywhere that uses agechecked and you'll be able to make your purchases with ease.

Author Bio

Article by Nigel Hall

23 years Gambling Industry Experience

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